The academy celebrates education alternatives, such as homeschooling. Related to homeschooling, then, Sevenstar provides many benefits to the family.

The first benefit is Sevenstar’s complete curriculum offering. All curriculum is biblically-integrated, and each course was designed by professional Christian educators, well-experienced in their respective fields. Further, Sevenstar’s curriculum may be customized by each parent to fit the educational dynamics of his or her family.

Sevenstar is designed to make homeschooling easier on the parent beyond providing academically-excellent courses for all levels of students. Primarily, Sevenstar can ease the workload of homeschooling parents by providing well planned, engaging lessons for each course a student takes. Parents may modify any lesson, and lessons are designed to accommodate a variety of enriching activities that parents may choose to add. To view sample Sevenstar courses, please email

If parents choose, Sevenstar can provide the teacher for each of its online courses. The benefit of using a Sevenstar teacher—all of whom are trained in online education—often increases as a student advances in school (and begins to take advanced courses such as calculus, physics, and various foreign languages). By offering experienced instructors in all subjects, Sevenstar readily assists parents in extending the homeschool experience through the high school years.

Further, Sevenstar truly wants parents to remain in control over the education needs of their family. For that reason, the academy’s instructors partner with parents by regularly communicating with them regarding the progress of their children. That is, by interacting both with their children and Sevenstar instructors, parents can continue to actively influence their children’s education. Further, parents have access to all lessons and all course work submitted by their students.

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